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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker and Zach Drew discuss The Mystery of the Red Heifer for Day 1 on The Jim Bakker Show.


We’re literally living in the time where we are searching out the deep mysteries of God. And because we are listening, God is revealing them to us. -Zach Drew

God is speaking very loud today! Are you listening? Are you hearing? Is anybody hearing God? -Pastor Jim Bakker

The harbinger is simply a warning. It’s a warning call for people to get prepared – to get prepared spiritually, to get prepared physically – for the things that are coming upon the world. -Zach Drew

I believe, as I read Pharaoh’s dream, twice God establishes something. And two times now, America had the birth of a calf with the 7 on their [head]. And 7 is the number of destruction. -Pastor Jim Bakker

There is warfare! If you are not going through warfare, you probably are not affecting the kingdom of Satan or the kingdom of God. -Pastor Jim Bakker


Proverbs 25:2 NLT It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.

I Thessalonians 5:3 KJV For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

Matthew 24:1-8 – The Beginning of Sorrows

Mark 8:15-18 NKJV Then He charged them, saying, “Take heed, beware of the  leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.” And they reasoned among themselves, saying, “It is because we have no bread.” But Jesus, being aware of  it, said to them, “Why do you reason because you have no bread? Do you not yet perceive nor understand? Is your heart still hardened? Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember?

Genesis 41:1-57 – Pharaoh’s Dreams and Joseph’s Rise to Power

Jonah 3:1 NKJV Now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the second time, saying,

II Corinthians 13:1 NKJV This will be the third time I am coming to you. “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.”

Numbers 19:2 KJV This is the ordinance of the law which the Lord hath commanded, saying, Speak unto the children of Israel, that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and upon which never came yoke:

3 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Red Heifer

  1. I watched and looked up where the black cow was born. It was for Loretta, page. From a farm called wood veil or veil woods. I was curious about the meaning of this town too. It is absolutely fascinating. Loretta, mean woman of the arc of the covenant. I then googled woman of the arc of the covenant, veil and woods and scripture from revelations popped up about the woman the arc of the covenant. Please look at this and see what you believe God is telling us.

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