KT McFarland sounds alarm over China’s push to lead New World Order

Xi and Biden

William Penn – “If we are not governed by God, then we will be Governed by a tyrant”

Important Takeaways:

  • China leading a ‘frightening’ new world order while telling rest of world America is in decline: KT McFarland
  • Former Trump deputy national security adviser K.T. McFarland sounded the alarm over China’s “aggressive” push to lead the new world order, telling “Varney & Co.” that U.S. diplomacy in Ukraine has been a “huge fail,” and that China has positioned itself as “the future” while telling the rest of the world America is in decline.
  • The Chinese have positioned themselves in such a way that they are telling the world, look, we’re the future. America is the past. America is in decline. Come with this new Chinese world order. Look what we’ll give you. We’ll build you a 5G internet. We’ll give you an infrastructure dominated by artificial intelligence which we’ll provide.
  • Oh, by the way, you keep your own system of government. We’ll bribe a few leaders along the way. We’ll not be like virtue-signaling Americans who want you to have woke cultural agenda, that is widely unpopular in the global south, in South America, Africa, and in the Asia-Pacific southern region. The Chinese, they’re making a lot of strategically smart moves. What are we doing? We’re focused on the cultural civil wars in the United States and the woke agenda.

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