Hold on to your billfold: Shale drilling giant CEO expects prices to go up

Oil-drilling Oil could head toward $150 a barrel without new production, the CEO of a top shale producer says. GETTY IMAGES

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Important Takeaways:

  • Oil could hit $150, sending ‘shock through system,’ says top shale CEO
  • That’s Doug Lawler, chief executive of Continental Resources, the shale-drilling giant controlled by billionaire Harold Hamm, telling Bloomberg News on Monday that crude prices are set to remain elevated and could press to the $120- to $150-a-barrel range without new production.
  • More price pressure is coming, he said, unless policies are put in place to encourage more output.
  • West Texas Intermediate crude CL00, 0.00% CL.1, 0.01%, the U.S. benchmark, edged back below $90 a barrel on Monday but remains up more than 34% from its 52-week low of $66.74 hit on March 17.
  • Lawler said he thought oil “absolutely” would hit the $100-a-barrel threshold and that he expects to see continued volatility in the $80- to $100-a-barrel price environment.

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