Cleveland Ohio spike in missing kids; 30 in two weeks

Newburgh Heights police chief John Majoy has called the number of missing children in the Cleveland area 'unprecedented' Credit: Newburgh Heights police

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Important Takeaways:

  • WHERE ARE THEY? Chilling mystery as nearly 30 kids go missing from city in two weeks and cops say they’ve never seen anything like it
  • In the span of two weeks, nearly 30 children have vanished in Cleveland, sparking huge concern from a local police chief who said he hasn’t seen anything like this in his 33-year career.
  • Majoy also serves as the board president of Cleveland Missing, an Ohio nonprofit that offers direct support for friends and families that are searching for a missing loved one.
  • He called the number of missing children, whose ages range from 12 to 17, unprecedented when speaking to reporters.
  • “For some reason, in 2023, we’ve seen a lot more than we normally see, which is troubling in part because we don’t know what’s going on with some of these kids, whether they’re being trafficked or whether they’re involved in gang activity or drugs.”
  • All of these disappearances fall into the larger problem of crime in the greater Cleveland area, said Majoy.
  • He added that many teenagers will seek out gangs when they’re desperate for protection.
  • This often leads to initiation crimes such as carjacking and robberies or even selling their bodies and drug use, resulting in them becoming addicts, he said.

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