General Store

Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Located on Grace Street at Morningside USA you will find our whimsical and quaint General Store that offers something for everyone!  Our General Store treats everyone who enters like old friends and family!   

Take some time to wander and pick out some beautiful gifts from our stunning jewelry and music box collections or browse through our Bibles and books section where the prices are 50% off every single day!  We offer various faith-based gifts for anyone on your list but don’t forget to treat yourself!!  

Our most popular love gifts are found at the General Store as well.  You can even pick up some nostalgic candy that is rarely found anywhere else and top off your visit with some amazingly sweet and creamy ice cream!  

Our friendly and loving staff can’t wait to meet you!  Feel free to go to them anytime during your visit here if you have any questions!  And please enjoy your shopping experience at the Morningside USA General Store!


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