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Global attitude toward Israel should be concerning to us all

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Amir Tsarfati: The Tide Is Once Again Turning Strongly Against The World’s Only Jewish State Global Attitude Toward (More...)

US Suicide rate hits highest point in 80 years

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The suicide rate among Americans, which has risen steadily over the past 18 years, has reached its highest (More…)

US Bond Market has financial experts concerned

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Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds Elementary economic forces — too much supply and not enough demand — have (More…)

China swamped with respiratory illness: Officials say it’s not Pandemic 2.0

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Hospitals across China, the nation where the COVID-19 pandemic first emerged about four years ago, are grappling with (More…)

Rare earthquake hits Barbados

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A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck near the eastern Caribbean Island of Barbados on Tuesday. No immediate damage was (More…)

5.6 quake strikes off of Alaska’s coast

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An earthquake measuring a 5.6 magnitude rocked several islands near Alaska on Monday night. The tremors were felt (More…)

China masks up once again

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HANDS, FACE, SPACE China brings back masks & social distancing in chilling echo of lockdown over mystery outbreak (More…)

Jan Markell points out signs of Bible prophecies taking place: World in Chaos Longs for Peace and Safety

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We’re in a countdown to the close of the Church Age. The world decided that Israel became the (More…)

NY High School students mob teacher for attending pro-Israel rally

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‘Vile show of anti-Semitism’: High school students mob teacher for attending pro-Israel rally Hundreds of students rampaged through (More…)

2 more days of ceasefire; Hostages await their return home after 52 days

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Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the four-day ceasefire two more days, in hopes that the pause will (More…)

Jerusalem Post is reporting that Hamas began attacking Israeli Forces violating ceasefire

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11 Israeli hostages returned to Israel on Monday, bringing the total released to 76. Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli (More…)