Feds more interested in helping Ukraine farmers than those in USA warning “it is an impending crisis that every American could discover one day at their grocer or butcher”

Where's the Beef?

Important Takeaways:

  • Inflation, global ‘sustainability’ push a potential death sentence for US Agriculture, farmers warn
  • American liberals who join their global counterparts in applauding the acclaim of “sustainability,” among other interests, are ignoring the damage their policies are already wreaking on U.S. agriculture, farmers told Fox News.
  • Globalist “green” policies as well as inflation and rising costs have led to thinner herds, and in some instances, foreclosure or shuttering of farms altogether, bringing with them a potential domestic food crisis, they said.
  • “Farmers are going out of business every day,” said John Boyd Jr., founder of the Black Farmers of America.
  • “What’s happening is America’s beef cattle producers are depleting their herds. So they’re not having more calves so they can multiply.”
  • Boyd said there has been a one billion pound decrease in U.S. beef production over the past year, warning it is an impending crisis that every American could discover one day at their grocer or butcher.
  • He noted the feds are keen on financially aiding farmers abroad, particularly in war-torn Ukraine, but have done little to help American agriculture.
  • “We have farmers facing foreclosure. And the USDA will not stop farm foreclosures in this country for direct loans, guaranteed loans and other agricultural lenders,” he said.
  • “And I’ve made that request on your network many times,” added Boyd, who previously but unsuccessfully dipped his toe in the political waters himself in 2000, when he faced off as a Democrat against then-Rep. Virgil Goode, I-Va.

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