Russia tests S500 missile defense system demonstrating ability to knock out western hypersonics


Important Takeaways:

  • The Russian military conducted tests of the S-500 Prometheus air defense system, which they claim is capable of shooting down hypersonic targets, reports Defense Express.
  • Supposedly, during these tests, the S-500 system demonstrated the ability to shoot down hypersonic aerial targets. As an example, they cite prospective Western hypersonic missiles, combat units of intercontinental ballistic missiles, or guided warheads, as well as short-range ballistic missiles.
  • Russia claims that such capabilities of the S-500 were supposedly confirmed during the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile from the Tula nuclear-powered submarine of the Russian Northern Fleet, which was launched in the Laptev Sea.
  • Russian authorities attribute the successful destruction of targets to powerful radars, electronic computing systems, and “highly maneuverable anti-aircraft missiles.”

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