Women’s Rights organizations only now acknowledging Hamas atrocities; Netanyahu asks ‘Where have you been?’


Important Takeaways:

  • After initial videos of women’s nearly-naked corpses being paraded through Gaza, and eyewitness accounts of rape, more and more evidence has been emerging of Hamas gang-raping and torturing women — and even men — during their attack. Though Israeli investigators were often unable to collect forensic evidence, due to ongoing fighting, those who examined the bodies of Israeli victims found evidence of sexual abuse and torture, and more eyewitnesses have emerged in Israel’s investigation.
  • UN Women, the main United Nations organization for women’s equality, did not react to allegations of sexual violence against Israeli women until late last week, nearly eight weeks after the attack. “Progressive” Democrats have equivocated on the issue, pushing back against allegations by noting that Israel, too, has been accused (often falsely) of (other) rights violations.
  • Israel’s mission to the United Nations held a special session on Monday and in a press conference Tuesday, Netanyahu blasted the hypocrisy of the world’s human rights groups and women’s groups.
  • In Hebrew, he said:
    • I must say that until recent days, I haven’t heard the international human rights organizations, I haven’t heard the women’s organizations, I haven’t heard the women’s organizations in the United Nations — I have not heard their cry. And I say to them: Where are you? You went silent because we’re talking about Jewish women?
  • Switching to English, he said:
    • I say to the women’s rights organizations, to the human rights organizations: You’ve heard of the rape of Israeli women, horrible atrocities, sexual mutilation? Where the hell are you? I expect all civilized leaders, governments, nations to speak up against this atrocity.

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