Weather events around the country are breaking records and costing billions: Seems like we’re in constant survival mode


Important Takeaways:

  • The US has suffered a record 23-billion-dollar climate disasters so far this year costing an eye-watering $57.6 BILLION – as tornadoes, wildfires and flooding ravaged the nation
  • Hundreds of Americans have died due to climate catastrophes in 2023, which has already smashed records for the highest number of billion-dollar disasters incurred in a single year.
  • The National Center for Environmental Information has released eye-watering figures on the human and financial cost of recent weather events after Hurricane Idalia and the horrific Maui wildfires tipped the scales this year.
  • With four months still to go, the US has been struck by 23 disasters which came at a loss of at least $1 billion each – eclipsing the previous annual record of 22 events with a 10-figure price-tag in 2022.
  • Some 253 people perished in climate catastrophes this year, which have incurred a financial toll of $57.6 billion – and this expense doesn’t yet include Hurricane Idalia.
  • Adam Smith, the NOAA applied climatologist and economist said ‘I would not expect things to slow down anytime soon’

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