Ukraine Drones sink Russian ship and target Crimean Bridge

Crimea-Ship-under-fire Footage purports to show the ship under fire in Crimea, the latest blow to the Russian fleet

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Important Takeaways:

  • Moment Ukrainian drones hit $65million Putin warship, causing ‘significant damage’ in fireball explosion as bridge linking Crimea to mainland ‘also comes under attack’
  • This is the astonishing moment one of Putin’s most modern warships was ‘hit and sunk’ by a devastating Ukrainian drone strike overnight.
  • The $65mn Sergey Kotov, which only came into service in 2022, was reportedly struck by an exploding kamikaze sea drone attack near Feodosia, in occupied Crimea.
  • Footage purports to show the moment of the major explosion in darkness close to the coast.
  • The vessel normally has a crew of 80 – and the fate of those on board remains unclear.
  • Andriy Yermak, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief of staff, said on Telegram on Tuesday that ‘The Russian Black Sea Fleet is a symbol of occupation. It cannot be in the Ukrainian Crimea,’ in an apparent reference to the attack.
  • It came as the £3mn Crimean Bridge – the main connecting link between Russia and the annexed territory – also fell under sustained attack, causing at least nine hours of traffic disruption.
  • There was no official response from the Russian defense ministry.

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