Putin testing West’s defense: NATO pilots intercept Russian jets over Baltic Sea

NATO-intercepts-Russian-war-plane NATO said that directly after the first incident, French fighters were re-tasked to a new mission, where they intercepted a Russian AN-72 flying in international airspace north of Poland. Pictured: A French jet below a Russian AN-72 in an image released by NATO

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Important Takeaways:

  • Dramatic moment NATO Top Guns intercept Russian warplanes over Baltic Sea… then head off MORE Putin aircraft north of Poland as Vladimir tests the West’s defense’s
  • This is the dramatic moment NATO Top Guns intercept Russian warplanes over the Baltic Sea before heading off another Putin aircraft north of Poland.
  • It came as the Russian president made a direct threat to nuke the West as he accused NATO and the US of ‘preparing to strike’ Russia in his annual address to the nation.
  • NATO said that two French Mirage 2000-5s intercepted a Russian SU-30-M aircraft over the Baltic Sea yesterday.

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