Officials believe Chinese strategy has changed from one of gathering intelligence to one of wreaking havoc: FBI Director warns of large-scale hacking targeting our critical infrastructure

Chinese-military-hackers Analysts believe China's military has changed its strategy from intelligence-gathering to infiltration in a bid to sew chaos should war break out

Important Takeaways:

  • FBI director warns China’s computer attacks are now at a ‘scale greater than we’d seen before’ as vulnerable critical infrastructure remains at high-risk to be targeted
  • China’s cyber-attacks have grown to a ‘scale greater than we’d seen before’, the FBI director has advised amid fears that US infrastructure is under threat.
  • Christopher Wray gave the grave warning as intelligence chiefs and politicians met at the Munich annual security conference on Sunday, according to the Wall Street Journal.
  • The wars raging in Ukraine and the Middle East were the focus of the conference – but Wray urged leaders not to lose sight of a subtler menace.
  • He said Beijing’s plan to secretly plant technology inside the US critical infrastructure has become a significant threat to national security.
  • Wray cited Volt Typhoon, the moniker given to the Chinese hacking network that infiltrated the US last year, but said it’s only the ‘tip of the iceberg.’
  • Under ‘Volt Typhoon’ Beijing’s military have burrowed into more than 20 major suppliers in the last year alone including a water utility in Hawaii, a major West Coast port and at least one oil and gas pipeline, analysts revealed weeks ago.
  • They have bypassed elaborate cyber security systems by intercepting passwords and log-ins unguarded by junior employees, leaving China ‘sitting on a stockpile of strategic’ vulnerabilities.
  • In May, Microsoft uncovered Chinese attempts to infiltrate dozens of sectors in Guam, the closest US territory to Taiwan.
  • Communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, information technology, and education organizations were targeted by Volt Typhoon.
  • But officials believe the strategy has changed from one of gathering intelligence to one of wreaking havoc.
  • And no company is too small or seemingly unimportant to escape Chinese attention

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