Moscow to test SARMAT 2 missile over the South Pole sending deep concerns throughout the West

Satan-2-test-flight Vladimir Putin will test the world's largest ballistic missile by flying it over the South Pole, a shocking report by state media has revealed before being rapidly censored

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Important takeaways:

  • Putin plans to fly world’s biggest nuclear missile – Satan 2 – over the South Pole in test launch’ says Russian state media – before report is censored
  • The Russian dictator is determined to flex his nuclear muscle to the West and will put his first regiment to be armed with the apocalypse 208-ton intercontinental nuclear weapon – the RS-28 Sarmat, aka ‘Satan 2’ – on ‘combat duty’ next month.
  • This is despite an astonishing admission that the ‘unstoppable’ 15,880mph doomsday missile – as tall as a 14-storey tower block – is not properly tested.
  • Putin’s own state news agency TASS reported that ‘even a truncated LCI [flight development tests], and assuming all launches are successful, would require several more launches, including via the South Pole’.
  • It is likely to trigger deep alarm in the West as Putin prepares to deploy a rocket designed to be his ultimate nuclear strike weapon against NATO countries…
  • TASS reported: ‘The Sarmat flight tests are currently being carried out from the Plesetsk spaceport to the Kura training ground in Kamchatka.’
  • But ultimately, Putin’s subordinates will need to test the nuclear missile by flying it over the South Pole, the story suggested before it was censored.

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