Leader of Colombian gang ‘The Satans’ arrested in Texas: Venezuelan fugitive was SEEKING ASYLUM in the US

The-Satans-Gang-Leader Colombian authorities said Venezuelan national Aderbiss Pirela was instructing gang members in Bogotá from a migrant shelter in Texas, where he was awaiting his application for asylum to be processed

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Important Takeaways:

  • Aderbiss Pirela, of Venezuela, was captured in New Braunfels, Texas on Tuesday
  • Pirela is the second leader of Los Satanás, a gang that operates in Bogotá, Colombia, and in January was able to apply for asylum in Texas
  • The gang is linked drug trafficking, murder and extortion in Bogotá
  • Gualdrón said that Pirela was caught crossing the United States-Mexico border on January 2 and requested political asylum from the United States on January 7.
  • Investigators would learn on January 27 that he and his associates were operating Los Satanás gang activities from a shelter in Texas and instructing gang members in Bogotá.

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