Hubie Synn’s inspirational evening service hits home for Morningside family

Morningside’s 2016 Prophetic Conference came to an end on Friday evening, but the grand finale was fresh in the mind of several members of the Morningside family on Tuesday morning.

In fact, they will probably never forget it.

The four-day conference concluded with an evening service from Hubie Synn, who wrapped his address up by delivering personalized messages from God to those gathered in the audience.

In true Synn fashion, he wandered through the tables, chairs and people dotting Grace Street, stopping whenever God told him to deliver information to a specific individual.

Alyssa Lamb was one of the first people Synn approached.

“God wants you to know that he’s kind of whisked you out of where you were to bring you here,” Synn began telling the young woman, who was seated at a table near the stage. “And the reason He’s done that it because, where you were, it wasn’t edifying and gratifying to you. He wants you to know that you’ve tried to understand Him — fully — and it was difficult where you were.”

There’s no doubt in Lamb’s mind that those were God’s words, and He used Synn as a vessel.

“I know God speaks through that man, because he spoke to my mom last time too — and it was completely accurate,” Lamb said. “I know that’s what God was saying to him to tell me.”

Several other Morningside residents and employees gave similar accounts in interviews Monday and Tuesday. They might have heard Synn’s voice, but they believe the words were from God.

Harmony Hayes and Caleb Gordon, the vocalists for the Morningside Band & Singers, said Synn delivered prophetic messages about their relationship during his prior visits to the ministry.

Each of them came to pass.

“If I was to go back and ask him ‘What did you say to me?’ There’s no way he could tell me,” Hayes said. “He doesn’t remember, because it’s truly God speaking through him. He doesn’t remember. And that’s one thing I think is amazing — how God can speak through someone just as clear as day and they don’t even know themselves what they said to you.”

For Hayes, Gordon, Lamb and many others who Synn touches, the messages are unforgettable. The trio found them to be shockingly appropriate to their own lives, and exceptionally moving.

The way she tells her life story, Lamb was a 16-year-old who had her entire life planned out for her in Texas. She was involved with her megachurch’s music scene, leading the youth worship team and training to one day do the main service in front “thousands and thousands” of people.

In October 2014, her mother decided it would be a good idea for three of her teenage children — Lamb included — to attend The Ramp’s youth worship conference at Morningside, hoping it would give them a deeper bond with Jesus. Once they arrived, news broke that an urgent care clinic about 10 minutes away from their home was treating an Ebola patient. Lamb’s mother didn’t feel safe returning home as planned, so she extended her family’s stay for a few days.

“We never left,” Lamb said.

Now 18 years old, Lamb looks back on it and is grateful things worked out the way they did.

She has improved her relationship with God and His word and now knows that God has called her to be an intercessor. And because of the experiences, Lamb believes she is now better prepared for whatever plans God has for her life.

Hearing Synn’s words helped Lamb understand why God placed her in the position He did.

“When He brought me out of (Texas), He had to get me away from distractions and away from planning my own life, so I could let Him plan it,” Lamb said. “Not that He wouldn’t want me to lead worship — God isn’t like that — but He wanted to take me away so that He could refine me and He could make me exactly who He wants me to be. I’ve found that I love myself more. I love Jesus more. I spend more time with Jesus. I spend more time in His Word. I’ve gotten so close to him. He’s basically brought me here so He could capture my heart again, and He did.”

Gordon and Hayes, the vocalists, are good friends with Synn and called him shortly after they got engaged last month. The two have been praying about the next steps in their relationship, careers and lives. They were surprised when Synn had new, fitting messages for them Friday.

Among them: They should not limit themselves or fret about their wedding or future. The messages inspired Gordon to take steps toward taking out a loan to build a home for the couple.

“He said ‘God has built you up for the responsibility. You have a lot to take on. You have a fiancee you have to take care of. You’re head of the household,’” Gordon recalled. “But he said he’s seen a lot of people in my circumstances be worried, and God still takes care of it. He said ‘That’s what I want you to lean on. Lean on to God and have faith and know this is not hard for God.”

Gordon and Hayes said Synn’s messages confirmed things they had already heard from God.

“Sometimes you hear (God’s) voice, but you wonder ‘Is it me? Is it something that I want?’” Hayes said. “But when someone else can come in who knows nothing about you and God had a personal conversation about and can confirm the things and say ‘Yes, this is what God is saying.’ … To watch that happen in other people’s lives — that breakthrough and that relief that you see on their face is amazing. I’m honored to be able to experience that type of thing with people.”

Lamb said the service moved her to tears, and she wasn’t the only one.

“I remember seeing this one lady, I just looked over and when Hubie said that He had a word for her, she’s like ‘Me? God has something for me?’ And she just started crying and we could tell how genuine and how sweet (it was),” Lamb recalled. “Jesus just wanted to capture her heart and say ‘I have something for you.’”

Morningside School of Media student Austin Metcalf was photographing the event when Synn called him in front of the audience and began ministering to him. Metcalf said the message washed away virtually all of the uncertainties and tensions he was experiencing in recent days.

“He said a few things about certain things I was dealing with throughout the past week and it really answered some of the things I had been having trouble with,” Metcalf said. “Also, he talked about my creativity and how that was going to grow and how God was working through my life — even though I didn’t think He was. It really made me feel a lot better about myself and what I was doing.”

Synn’s inspirational service focused on the importance of being prepared for tumultuous events, and the story of how God used him to deliver a prophetic message to Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

The service can be seen on the Prophetic Week DVD Set. The set also contains evening services from Rabbi Cahn, Joel Richardson and Michael Snyder along with all of The Jim Bakker Show tapings that were recorded during the 2016 Prophetic Conference.

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