Hamas supporter North Korea blames IDF for explosion near al-Ahil hospital in Gaza; makes accusation of ‘Genocide’

North-Korea-blames-IDF North Korea is blaming Israeli Defense Forces for the explosion near al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. A foreign ministry spokesperson has accused the U.S. of being an "accomplice" in "Israel’s genocide" of Palestinians. (AP/Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service)

Important Takeaways:

  • North Korea accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ in Gaza, labels US an ‘accomplice’
  • North Korean media accused Israel of responsibility for the recent explosion near al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip.
  • “What should not be overlooked is that Israel’s such criminal act was openly committed under the undisguised patronage of the U.S.,” a North Korean foreign ministry spokesperson told state media outlet Korean Central News Agency.
  • “Immediately after the bombing of the hospital by Israel, the U.S. covered such crime, making absurd sophism that the incident seemed to be committed by other forces rather than Israel,” the North Korean spokesperson continued. “This shows that the U.S. is an accomplice who connived at and fostered Israel’s genocide.”
  • Russia has boasted similar rhetoric to North Korea, blaming U.S. interventionism for the terrorism and violence plaguing the region.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un have significantly strengthened relations between the countries — most recently with a rare diplomatic envoy from the hermit kingdom.

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